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Nifty Fifty: Which is my goal?

p1There comes a time when people relax as they age, in hopes that they have accomplished everything that they have set their minds to do. That is not the case for everyone. The kids are raised and gone, time to retire from the job of a lifetime, and whether they are still with their mates or not, movement to another, smaller place may be up for decision, but for some reason, people stop dreaming, have they arrived or have they not taken that third wind?


What I am finding is that as I crossed over to that half century mark, I did not feel anything different. My dress size hadn’t changed, there was no extra grey hair strands, no wrinkles, and they same aches and pains where still in place. Why are you telling us this? Glad that you asked. I believe firmly that because I still had dreams and goals unchartered and unreached, I have a reason to charge forward as I was doing before my birthday.


So, I ask you “the reader”, what is it that you have yet to accomplish or finish? Really, what can your “it” be, and what is your hold up, now? Is it your health, or finances, or doubt, or uncertainty? Really, I want you to pause at this time and ask yourself, “What is my it”? Make a list, check it twice, no matter what it, is….I dare you to dream, set goals, and then in the next publication, we will pick the article up where we are left off…… Again, I dare you to dream and make your list.


Written By: Ms. Lecia Gray, Editor

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